Serhiy Kolyada

1972 - was born in Odessa, Ukraine

1973 - moved with my parents to Berdyansk (a little town on the Azov Sea)

1979-1989 - studied at secondary school and attended the drawing classes at the state art studio.

1989 - entered State University in Zaporizhzhya (Faculty of Foreign Languages)

1991 - was excluded from the University for the taking place in democratic anti-communist regime compaigns. Then went to Sweden to ask the political asylum. In a month get the refusal ( it was the time when the putch failed in Moscow and Ukraine got the independence in few monthns ) and went back to Ukraine.

1993 - applied for the emigration to the Canadian Embassy i Kyiv (Ukraine) and got the refusal. Entered Teachers Training Institute in Berdyansk (home town ) and continued my education.

1997 - finished the Institute and went to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine to make an artist career. Got acquainted with a lot of foreign diplomats and began to sell my art. At that time applied to a lot of Kyiv's galleries for an art-show and got the refusals because of the criticism of anti-human regime of president Kuchma.

2001- had my art-shows at the residence of South African Ambassador Mr. Delarey van Tonder and at Kyiv International School (founded by Americans ) and had a great success.

2003 - My friend Andrey Vashchenko made the web-site for me. So people got the possibility to see my art on the Internet.

2004-2005 - took part in the Orange Revolution which didn't bring the real democracy to Ukraine and real freedom to Ukrainians.

2005 - married a great girl who's name is Larissa and till now live in Kyiv.

All the Ukrainian galleries still refuse me to make my show. You can also read some articles and interviews on my site.

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