2D CG artist with 7+ years of experience of work at famous Ukrainian animation companies and professional contemporary artist with 20+ years of experience working as illustrator in magazines and making art-shows and projects in contemporary art. Possess excellent drawing and communication skills.



- Strong drawing skills (classical drawing and computer tablet, Photoshop)
- PR and organizing art-shows experience, communication skills
- Connections in Ukrainian show-biz, Ukrainian Diaspora in US, Canada
- Experience in advertising sphere and web-sites administration
- Wide publicity about my art in Ukrainian and world mass-media (Ex.: Kyiv Post, Kyiv Weekly, What's On Kyiv, The Ukrainian Observer, etc.)
- Art-shows of contemporary art
- Detailed and organized, reliable, adaptable
- One of TOP-10 ball-point pen artists in the world.



2019 - till now - freelance works

May 2019 to September 2019
Artist-cartoonist in

May 2018 to September 2018
2d artist - illustrator at Epic MegaCorp (International Company). Illustrations for and

September 2014 to February 2017
2D CG artist at "95 Kvartal" Animation Studio (Kyiv, Ukraine).
- Worked on "FairyTale Rus" ("Skazochnaya Rus"), "MultiBarbara", "The Animated in Laws" ("Svatiki") cartoon series.
(Storyboards, concept art, sketches of the heroes and locations, 2D illustrations/location art, matte painting).

Worked on own CG projects.


April 2012 to June 2014
2D CG artist at "Postmodern" ( Postproduction Company and "Animagrad" Animation Studio (Kyiv, Ukraine).
- Worked on "FairyTale Rus" ("Skazochnaya Rus"), "Eskimo Girl" cartoon series and several TV series projects.
(Storyboards, concept art, sketches of the heroes and locations, 2D illustrations/location art, matte painting).

Worked on own CG projects.


CG Portfolio:


2009 - 2010
Director of Antin Muharsky ("Antin's Collections") Gallery. (Kyiv, Ukraine).
- Gallery administration, organizing art-shows and taking part in art-fairs, PR, work with mass-media, administration of gallery web-site (, etc.
Artist - illustrator, photo-editor and PR-manager at "Graal Collection" Magazine
-Making illustrations, working on photographs, PR, work with mass-media. (Kyiv, Ukraine).
2004 - 2005
Artist and designer at "Nova" Advertising Agency and "New Concept" Advertising Agency. (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Artist - illustrator at "General Director" Magazine. (Kyiv, Ukraine).
1997 - 1998
Teacher of English in Secondary State School 173 (Kyiv, Ukraine).
1994 - 1997
Berdyansk State University (Slavic Languages Faculty) (Ukraine).
1989 - 1993
Zaporizhzhya State University (Germanic Languages Faculty) (Ukraine).
1987 - 1989
Berdyansk State Art Studio (Ukraine).
2021 - "Hryvnia Art" - (art on money) project, Ministry of Finance, Kyiv History Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine), Lviv Art Palace (Lviv, Ukraine).
2016 - 2017 - "Dirty Show® Zurich II" group show at Museum of Porn in Art (MoPiA), Cinema Roland, Edi's Weinstube in Zurich, Switzerland -(part of a satellite show of the Dirty Show® Detroit, USA).
2015 - "JUST ART" group show at Artvera's Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland.
2014 - Solo art-show "Through The Never" in The Drum cafe-club in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2013 - "Zhlob-Art" Art project at "Mystetsky Arsenal" ("Art Kyiv Contemporary, 2013") in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2012 - "Welcome to Ukraine" Art show of Independent Artists Union Freedom or Death at "Tryptych-Art" Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2012 - in "Zhlob-Art" Art project at "Salo" art-restaurant in Lviv-city, Ukraine.
2011 - "Art Kyiv Contemporary" with "Velyka Okruzhna or Welcome to Euro 2012" project in Mystetsky Arsenal in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2011 - "Zhlob-Zhlobstvo-Zhlobizm" project of ANTIN'S GALLERY in Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2011 - "Freedom or Death" Anarchy Art project at "Mystetsky Arsenal Gallery" in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2010 - "The Death Match" project in "Marginesy Gallery" in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.
2009 - "Art Kyiv Contemporary" with "The Death Match" project in Ukrainian House in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2009 - Was one of the founders of Independent Artists Union "Freedom or Death" (Ukraine).
2009 - Gogol-Fest Contemporary Art Fair at "Mystetsky Arsenal Gallery" in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2009 - Makhno-Fest contemporary art festival in Hulyai- Pole, Ukraine.
2009 - "Fine Art Ukraine" art fair with the "Troeshchina Chronicles" project in Ukrainian House in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2008 - Art-show "Our Ukraine", Antin's Collections, Art-Foxtrot Gallery in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2007 - Art-show in Gogol-Fest in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2006 - Solo art-show in The Drum cafe-club in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2005 - Art-show in State of the Arts Gallery (Sarasota, Florida, USA), Beeldkracht Gallery (Scheemda, Netherlands).
2001 - The first private art-shows at the residence of South African Ambassador Mr. Delarey van Tonder and at Kyiv International School (founded by Americans) in Kyiv, Ukraine.


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