Underground Ukrainian Art by Serhiy Kolyada

"Serhiy Kolyada got in hot water with Kyiv's art establishment with his ballpoint-on-construction paper productions, portraying Kyiv as a melancholy zone of shadows.
Check out his Web site (www.kolyada.com) to see his nude or semi-nude women depicted against shadowy backgrounds of corporate slogans.
It's art as social commentary: gutsy reflections on money, power and gender issues in Ukraine." (
"50 Great Things About Kyiv" KYIV POST, Oct 20, 2004)




(замовити портрет)

Serhiy Kolyada's
works at Artvera's Gallery
(Geneva, Switzerland, 2015)

"...Serhiy Kolyada's politically infused ballpoint pen drawings have left him virtually ignored by galleries in his home country of Ukraine. Publicity comes mostly through English language media and a majority of sales to foreign clients via private viewings and online galleries... Kolyada works in black ballpoint, using other mediums and collage occasionally to add color. In 2006, religious themes and "the mystical side of life" became subjects of interest to the artist..."
("Ballpoint pen artwork", WIKIPEDIA)

Serhiy Kolyada The Theory Of Origins 2012 ballpoint pen, Wikipedia











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